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I had been staying with Uta for about two months and things were decent. He would invite me to the shop after hours to explore his shop and be a model for masks. “Are you going to just sit and watch me finish this mask or are you going to go make some coffee for me?” I looked over at him and smiled. “Well, since you asked so nicely I guess I’ll go make myself something to eat.” He looked at me and shook his head. “I wasn’t asking. I was telling you to.” I glared at him and he looked at me right into my eyes. “Whatever.” I said while heading to the little kitchen in the back. “Black no sugar.” I heard him say from the front. “Yes, sir.” I made the coffee and poured a cup for him and a cup for myself.

I happily walked back to the desk he was working at and his eyes followed my every move. “You are always happy aren’t you?” He asked while taking a cup from my hands. “Yeah, pretty much. Problem with that mister never shows emotion ever?” He shook his head and took a sip. I sat next to him and leaned my head on his shoulder. “Tired?” He asked as he continued to work. I let out a sigh. “No, just wondering about something.” I felt him put a hand on my cheek. “What is it?” I looked up at him and for a moment I thought I saw a worried expression, but that could just be my wishful thinking. “I was thinking I should call my parents and let them know I’m okay.” I stood up and walked to one of the mask cases and lightly tapped the glass nervously. “If you want to call them then you should do so.” I looked at my reflection in the glass and saw that I looked completely different. I had taken more care in my appearance and even got a haircut and dyed my hair dark brown. I almost felt pretty. “Yeah, maybe even see them. Doubt they would recognize me though.”

“I think they would appreciate having a beautiful and healthy daughter.” I blushed slightly at his words and turned to face his direction. “Uta, you are flattering but deadly so I’m not sure I believe those words.” I heard him lightly chuckle. “My words are true. I don’t lie dear. Well, not often.” He put down his tools and let out a yawn. “Finished?” I asked and he looked into my direction. “Yes, let’s head out. We both need some sleep.” He stood up and grabbed his coat and turned off the lights. “Sounds good.”

Just as those words left my mouth a knock on the door made both of us freeze. “Uta! It’s me! I need some help! The cops are on my tail!” The knocks grew louder. “Go in the back and close the door.” Uta said to me and I nodded and quickly went to the back.

Uta turned on the lights and opened the front shop door slowly. “Marie? What are you doing here at this time of night. You know the shop is closed.” He looked at the short dark haired woman standing under the dim lighted street sidewalk. “I know but things happen. Can I come in?” Uta remained expressionless. “You may.” He stepped aside and let the woman in. “Uta? Something smells good. I hope I didn’t interrupt a meal. Do you mind sharing?” Uta shook his head.

“There was a person here but they are no longer around. If this isn’t a true emergency you can leave.” The woman let out a demented sounding laugh. “I think you are lying. I think the meal is definitely still here.” She eyed the back door and a smile came to her face. “My my. The smell. It smells divine.”

I felt a rush of panic wash over me. I heard footsteps getting closer and I felt this was going to be my last as a living being. “Marie, I am closing up. Whatever it is you want to talk about we can discuss tomorrow.” Marie let out a gasp. “You are selfish Uta really.”

I heard the front door open and close and Uta turned off the lights again. “You can come out.”

I walked out and saw him holding my jacket underneath his. I had completely forgotten to take it with me. He handed it to me and I thanked him. “She smelled you. You are lucky I was firm with her or you would have been her meal for sure. She’s stronger than she looks.” I nodded and he grabbed my hand and led me outside.

We had no idea that Marie was watching from a couple rooftops away.

End of part 2

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“GET BACK HERE!” Cops yelled as they chased me through the busy city streets. I was running with all the strength and speed I had in my chubby body. I turned a corner and saw a shop and quickly went inside. I heard the loud footsteps of the cops. “Damn! Where did she go!?” One said sounding extremely frustrated. “Let’s try down that alley!” I heard them leave and let out a breath I had no idea I was even holding in. “Well, what do we have here?” I screamed in surprise and turned and saw a tall skinny man with red eyes staring at me. “Running from the law. Are you a criminal?” He asked with an expressionless face.

“N-No! I just um....ran away from home.” I stood up and smoothed out my clothes and held out a hand. “I’m ____. Sorry for running into your shop and um sorry for knocking that stand over. Are those masks?” He stared at me for a moment and then shook my hand slowly. “I’m Uta. Nice to meet you. The mess will be cleaned up no worries, and as for the masks you knocked over. They are my creations. You see....I’m a ghoul and I make these masks for other ghouls.” My mouth slowly opened and I looked at him with widened eyes. “You’re a....oh my god. Don’t eat me!” I had heard the rumors, but I never knew they were true. “I have already eaten nor would I eat something as pretty as you.” He stood up straight and walked behind the counter.

“Come here.” He said while making a come hither motion with his finger. I walked over and sat on the stool in front of the counter. He poured two cups of coffee and handed me a cup. “I’ll walk you home. You should go back to your parents. There are ghouls all over this city that would love to sink their teeth in your flesh.” I coughed on a sip of coffee I had taken. “All over? What the hell..” He chuckled while leaning in close. “You smell delicious and I bet you taste just as delicious.” I felt my face heat up and he leaned even more closely. “You smell so good. I just might be hungry after all.” I swallowed nervously and he pulled back and laughed lightly. “I’m joking. Well sort of.” I sat the cup onto the counter and hopped off the stool.

“Well....I should be going. I don’t need you to walk me home.” I turned and started to walk away and he grabbed my wrist. “No. You are a walking meal. I think you should come home with me. I don’t mind the company.” He walked to the back to discard of the coffee and cups. He reappeared with a jacket in hand. “Put this on. Maybe it will mask you smell a bit.” I took the jacket and put it on.

We walked for a few blocks and finally reached his apartment. It was dark and uninviting. I was beginning to regret coming home with him, but I didn’t want to go home to my parents. “I will take the couch and you can have my bed if you wish. Don’t make this a habit.” I narrowed my eyes at him. “Why would I make this a fucking habit.” I said while removing my shoes and taking off his jacket. “I know I’m sexy to you. I can feel it.” I threw his jacket at his face and walked past him. “The bathroom? I need a shower.” He pointed down the hall and I found it to be the last door on the left. “If you need assistance I have great hands and can work wonders.” This cheeky bastard. “Oh , you are so funny. I can manage.” I closed the door and started the shower.
 I walked into the lair as I always have after a long boring day at school. I was greeted by Mikey, who had a huge grin on his face. “Hey dudette! How was school?” “It was okay. Where is everyone?” I asked with a smile. “Leo is meditating with Master Splinter, Donnie is in the lab like always, and Raph is in his room probably punching a wall or something.” He said while chuckling a bit.  “Ok, I'm going to see what Raph is up to.” I said while sitting down my backpack and walking to Raph's room. I approached the door and hesitated for a moment before knocking softly. “What is it!” Raph opened the door and saw me standing back a bit at his sudden outburst. “Oh its you ____.” He said more softly and stood aside to let me enter. His room was pretty clean and Spike was sitting on Raph's pillow munching on a lettuce leaf. “What's up?” He asked and went to sit on the side of the bed. “Just wanted to see what you were up to.” I responded while sitting next to him.

He looked as though he had something on his mind, but I didn't want to anger him. “Leo is such a damn moron sometimes. Always barking at me about things.” He ranted as he got up and started pacing the room. “He's such a pain in the shell. Sometimes I just want to leave. Get out of here go somewhere else.” He continued and I nodded to show I was listening. “Well, he's the leader. You should hear him out sometimes and not fly off the handle.” I said in a low tone. He stopped pacing and looked at me with a smirk on his face. “Hear him out? Maybe you're right.” I widened my eyes in shock. “You are going to listen to Leo more?” “___, I'm only saying maybe I won't fly off the handle so much.” He said while sitting down and wrapping his arm around my waist. “Raph?” I asked and he looked down at me and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Ya?” He said while pulling me close. “You're mine” I said while wrapping my arms around  his neck and pulling him into tender kiss on the lips.  His grip tightened around me and I heard a slight moan. We pulled away when we needed air. “I love ya.” He said while running his hands through my hair. “I love you too Raphie.” I replied with a smile on my face.
I heard loud crashes and yells from the living room. Suddenly the dojo doors opened and ninjas in purple ran into the room with swords drawn. “Where is she!?” One said and the other motioned for him to look in the nearby rooms. I stayed still and my heart was going a mile a minute. The brothers were fighting with all they had, and the battle was hard. There were foot ninjas everywhere and the brothers were frantically trying to win. Suddenly a loud explosion threw everyone into the air and pieces of the sewer walls crashed into the living room. “Retreat!” The voice of Karai boomed across the lair and the foot ninjas made there way out of the lair quickly. “They’re bailing!” Mikey yelled while trying to get up, but a sharp pain prevented him from doing so. Donatello was unconscious, Raphael and Leo were nowhere to be seen.

I stood from my hiding spot and ran to the living room and found it in disarray.  “Oh my god! Guys! Are you okay?” I yelled in panicked voice. “Angelcakes! Donnie is unconcious. Leo and Raph are well..I don’t know.” Mikey said while wincing in pain. I ran over to him and helped him stand. “Can you help me with Donnie?” I asked and he nodded.  We carried Donnie to the lab and sat him on the metal table. “_____! Mikey!” “We’re in here guys!” Mikey responded to the yells of Leo. He walked into the room and Raph was not far behind him. “Thank god you guys are okay.” I said with a relieved sigh. “Yeah, what happened to Donnie?” Raph asked. “He’s out. I think his head got hit by rock.” Mikey said while looking at Donnie’s head for injuries. “Boys!” The voice of Master Splinter reached the lab. “We’re in the lab dad!” Leo yelled and not long after Master Splinter entered the room with a slightly bloody face. “They attacked me when I was walking back to the lair. I didn’t have time to get away to warn you.” He said while sitting in a chair near Donnie. “April called. We are going to go there for the night.” Leo said and everyone nodded. “We’ll take the long path to the surface, just in case the foot ninjas are still out there. “ Leo said while looking at me. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” I said while grabbing the med kit and some extra supplies. We made it to April’s and saw the window smashed in. “What the shell happened here?” Mikey said in a whisper.  We went inside and saw April on the floor on her stomach and a pool of blood around her. “Oh no...” I said while running over and turning her over. Her eyes were open wide and her mouth slightly opened. “April!” I shook her and she gasped and grabbed my arm. “She’s alive!” Raph walked over and gently picked her up. “We have to take her to the hospital.” I said and the guys looked unsure. “We can’t just walk in. You would have to go with her, and how would you explain this?” Leo asked and I thought for a moment. “Robbery! I could say it was a break in and she was attacked. Believable?” I asked and they all shook their heads yes. “Let’s go!”

Awhile later we arrived at the hospital and I quickly grabbed a wheelchair and helped April sit. “Remember, you came home and caught robbers and you were attacked.” She nodded and we walked in. Not long after I went in with April I was sent away so they could sew up her injuries. I looked around for the guys and saw a nearby manhole cover slightly raised. “____!” The whispered voice of Leo guided me over. I looked around making sure the coast was clear and climbed down. “How’s April?” Leo asked. “She’s okay. They’re going to patch her up and keep her for a couple days. I think she was just shocked at what happened. Hopefully she remembers the story we made up.” I said while looking at each of the brothers mentally noting their injuries. “You guys need to get patched up.” I said and Leo smiled a little. “The lair is clear for now so we can go back and get Donnie properly patched up. You took the supplies with you.”  He said and I gasped. “Oh my gosh. Sorry, I forgot I had the bag.” I said while slapping a hand to my forehead. “It’s okay. Let’s head back.” Leo said while wrapping an arm around my shoulder and we all walked in the direction of the lair.
I was reading a comic to Mikey who was sitting comfortably propped up on his elbows and looking at me with a grin. About an hour later we heard a knock on the door and Donnie stepped in. “Hi ___, I wanted to check your wound.” He said and I nodded. “I’ll be back Mikey.” I said and he nodded and started reading a comic on his own. Donnie led me down a long hallway and opened a door and we both walked in. “This is my lab. What do you think?” He asked while smiling nervously. “It’s awesome! Wow, molecular model sets!” I said while walking over and picking up a few. “You like chemistry?” Donnie asked shocked. “Yeah, anything science, I love it.” I responded while grinning. “ are amazing.” He said out of nowhere and covered his mouth quickly. I giggled a little and saw his glasses were a bit off. “Let me fix those.” I said while reaching up and straightening them a bit. He blushed deep red and looked down at me with a small smile. “Ahem.”We both turned and saw Leo standing at the door. “Hi Leo!” I said happily and walked over and gave him a small hug. We parted a little, but he kept his hands at my waist. “____, we need to change your dressings. It will only take a moment.” Donnie said and I nodded and walked over and sat on the metal table carefully.  “I’ll be in the dojo.” Leo said while exiting the lab.

About 10 minutes later Donnie wrapped the final guauze around my wound and he carefully secured with medical tape. “You’re all set.” He said while smiling up at me. “Thanks Don. I better get back to Mikey. We were reading a comic together.” I said while hopping off the table and hurrying back to Mikey’s room. I walked in and saw Mikey sleeping while holding the comic in his hands. I felt a bit guilty that I had taken longer to get back. I slowly closed the door and headed to the dojo. “Leo?” I called his name softly and saw him seated on the floor with his eyes closed. I slowly walked over and sat across from him. A smirk was on my face as an idea popped into my head. I crawled over to him and poked his face.  He remained deep in his mediation, and a new idea formed in my mind. I leaned close to his face and took both of my hands and started pinching his cheeks. His eyes shot open and suddenly I was pinned under him. “What are you doing?” He asked with a smirk and I looked away refusing to answer. “Answer me or you will be punished.” He said in a fake angry voice. “Oh Leonardo don’t punish me! I’m too young and pretty to die.” I said while pretending to cry. He burst into a loud laugh and I giggled hysterically. He got up and held out a hand to help me up. After I stood I looked at him with a huge grin. “Too young and pretty to die huh? You really are more outgoing that you were when we first met.” He said while looking into my eyes with his greenish-blue ones. “U-Uh, thanks?”
I said with a nervous laugh. He held out his arm and I hooked my arm around his. “My lady let me take you to the kitchen for a snack.” He said in a very smooth gentleman-like voice. “Yes, let us go. Lead the way!” I said happily and he smiled at my horrible attempt at a british accent. “Ahhhhh!” We stopped in our tracks. “Leo!” We heard the frantic voice of Donnie coming from the living room. “I’ll be back. Hide!” He yelled and I nodded and found a place to hide. TBC.....


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